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“Oceans Matter”

     The Marine Education Foundation is a 501c

The primary mission of the Marine Education Foundation is to promote Ocean Literacy through the development of educational multimedia exhibits and presentations that create awareness, and encourage the conservation and preservation of Marine Life and habitats.  Many of these species are critically endangered and may become extinct in our lifetime.

The Marine Education Foundation’s educational efforts are dedicated to exposing the public to our beautiful marine environment and how they need to aid in its preservation.  The Marine Education Foundation engages in Underwater Photography exhibits at various donated facilities, providing guided tours with discussions of various species.  The exhibits work to foster good stewardship of our shared environment.

As a Non-Profit organization, The Marine Education Foundation is 100% volunteer, and relies on public support in the form of donations to help carry out our mission to promote the preservation and protection of marine life and habitats.  Donations can also take the form of corporate or private sponsorships, volunteering space or your services, assisting with exhibits and purchasing photographs available at exhibits.  The Marine Education Foundation uses the exhibit space to encourage school participation.

We are please to support the National Marine Fisheries, Guy Harvey Foundation, Global Ocean Exploration, and the Riverhead Foundation, Shark’s Eye, Shark Savers in all their efforts towards the future of marine conservation.

Stephanie Whiston

Managing Director

“Oceans Matter” is copyrighted and a registered Trademark # of the Marine Education Foundation with the U.S. Patent and Trade Office.













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