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“Oceans Matter” because they generate our oxygen, and absorb carbon dioxide. The oceans are home to the majority of life, the deepest valleys, highest mountains and largest plains are in the ocean, yet we have only explored 5%.

Economically our “Oceans Matter”, because they drive our weather, our climate and our temperatures which affect us all. So many industries depend on our oceans such as Shipping, Agriculture, Airlines, Energy, Insurance, Food Processing, Tourism. 1 in 6 jobs in the US depend on the oceans and it accounts for 1/3 of our GNP (healthcare is 18%).

There is cause for hope as countries around the world recognize that “Oceans Matter” and the important economic impact of our changing oceans, and the need for ecological sustainability.

The Marine Education Foundation is working to inspire change by demonstrating the marine life and habitats that are worth saving. It is so easy to ignore the damages when we cannot see whats beneath the sea.

We are a Non Profit Foundation that depends on donations. We appreciate any financial support and much needed sponsorship so we can continue to bring these programs to the public.
Please get involved and become an “Ocean Ambassador”, please email me at or write P.O. box 1144 Montauk, NY 11954.
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Stephanie Whiston
Founding Director
Marine Education Foundation, LTD

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