Become an “Ocean Ambassador”

As a non for profit we depend on donation and volunteers to help us bring
Ocean Literacy to the public.

We depend on financial donations as well as the donations of exhibit space, computer equipment and monitors, printing, and the many volunteers that make this project so successful.

We would like to thank all our volunteers and “Oceans Ambassadors”:
*Whiston Asset Management
*Perguimans and Kent Group
*East Hampton Tech
*Ashawagh Hall
*Springs Improvement Society
*Montauk Library
*East Hampton Star
*East Hampton Press

*Montauk Sun
*Albatross Motels
*Olstein Trust

*Weinstock Family

*Marino Family
*Malia Family
*Deneau Family
*Grimes Family
*Montauk Printing

I want to be an "Ocean Ambassador"