“On Saturday evening, I had the rare pleasure of seeing this film, and many still photographs, in East Hampton, with Stephanie there to ignite the experience with her deep understanding of the Earth’s oceans, their life, beauty, and importance to mankind–not to mention with her embracing smile, humor, and reservoir of fascinating stories of what it required to bring back this incredible photographic record from the world’s oceans. She is bright, brave, and beautiful in her passion to explain the utterly irreplaceable–but now gravely endangered–lands beneath the waves of the world’s oceans.” W.D.

“Your so fabulous, to see the ocean in person, and photograph it and to share it is a magical gift” L.F. Massapequa NY

AWESOME! I hope the whole world sees this! A.P. EHHS

Simply Amazing! Speechless! Safe Travels! W.B.

Love it! Love it! Love it!”Your work is Exquisite!” -J.B.

“Amazing!  Each piece draws you in as if I were there, under the sea with you.  Thanks for sharing this beautiful world-”  -J.W.

“Breathtaking” -R.R.

“incredible” Only nature can give us these magnificent colors. V.S.

“Fantastic” -J.M.

Keep up the Environmental Work! M.O.

Gorgeous Photographs & Incredible views of nature@ Thank you F.F.

“Amazing!” -F & C family

Wonderful! keep it going- you make a difference! D.T.
“Thank You!  Kids Loved it!”  -G.F.

“Glorious” -F.H.

“Thanks for sharing your magnificent display!”  -J.W.

“Beautiful!” -C.B.

“I am in love!” -L.M.

Wonderful exhibit & Great Foundation! B.C.

“Breathtakingly gorgeous!” -E.H.

“Fantastic/Inventive Brave & Fearless!  Bravissima Stephanie” -M.T.

“Just beautiful! Thank You!” -G.M.

Thank you for these amazing photos. Unforgettable Impressions! M.H.

“Terrific Show!” -J. & M. L.

“Awesome show, everything was so beautiful and fascinating!!” J. & C. M.

“Loved it!!” -A.P.

“Amazing, Enjoyed the peek into sealife!” -D. & J. S.

Thank You for these amazing photos.  Unforgettable impressions. -M.H.

“Fabulous exhibition!” -L.D.

“Breathtaking Photography!” -K.K.

“Gorgeous photographs and incredible Views of Nature! Thank You!” F.F.

“Came back for a third time. Love it!” -V.S.


I want to be an "Ocean Ambassador"