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Oceans Matter
Oceans Matter

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    Please visit our gallery for an opportunity to own a beautiful photo by making a donation to the Marine Education Foundation.

    Events & Exhibits

    Ashawagh Hall Exhibits

    Please join us for the Marine Education Foundations presentation of "Oceans Matter" ® A presentation and lecture exhibiting rare and endangered species from all over the world.  info@marineeducationfoundation.org

    Ocean Institute

    Visit us at the Ocean Institute at the Montauk Lighthouse this summer.  The Marine Education Foundation will present "Oceans Matter" ® A presentation and lecture exhibiting rare and endangered species from all over the world.  info@marineeducationfoundation.org

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    Please consider making a donation and receiving a piece of art or one of our beautiful custom jewelry pieces of whale tale necklaces and starfish earring jewelry info@marineeducationfoundation.org

    Real Testimonials

    “On Saturday evening, I had the rare pleasure of seeing this film, and many still photographs, in East Hampton, with Stephanie there to ignite the experience with her deep understanding of the Earth’s oceans, their life, beauty, and importance to mankind–not to mention with her embracing smile, humor, and reservoir of fascinating stories of what it required to bring back this incredible photographic record from the world’s oceans. She is bright, brave, and beautiful in her passion to explain the utterly irreplaceable–but now gravely endangered–lands beneath the waves of the world’s oceans.” W.D.

    Past Events & Exhibits

    Ashawagh Hall Exhibit

      Ashawagh is the Native American word for “place where two roads  come together,” which is perfect to describe the location of this  community center in the Springs section of East Hampton 

    Ocean Institute

    Join us this summer at the Ocean Institute 

    Gallery 52

     Gallery 52 is a stunning mansion art gallery located in Manhattan.  

    Real Testamonials

    AWESOME! I hope the whole world sees this! A.P. EHHS

    Simply Amazing! Speechless! Safe Travels! W.B.

    Love it! Love it! Love it!”Your work is Exquisite!” -J.B.

    “Amazing!  Each piece draws you in as if I were there, under the sea with you.  Thanks for sharing this beautiful world-”  -J.W.

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